This article will show you how to create and deliver your first proposal and start seeing the benefits of modern web-based sales proposals.

Start with a free template

The fastest way to get started is to find a free template that matches the industry you are in. You can see all of the available free templates by clicking the library tab at the top of screen and selecting "Sample Templates > Proposal Templates"

When you find a template you want to use, click the "Copy to My Library" button on the right.

Customize your template's content

Every template is made up of multiple "Sections" and each section is made up of "Content Blocks". Navigate to any section from the menu at the top, and click into any content block to start editing. When finished, hit "Save" to save the block.

Start a new proposal delivery from your template

Once you are happy with your template content, you can start a new proposal delivery from your template by simply clicking the "Deliver" button in the upper right corner.

Go through the 3 steps to deliver:

  1. Info Step: This is where you give your new proposal a title and add your recipients.

  2. Edit Step: This is where you customize the content for the customer you are sending to.

  3. Deliver Step: This step is where finalize your delivery settings and deliver the proposal link to your customer.

Once you hit the green "Deliver" button, you're all set!

You've successfully delivered your modern digital proposal to your customer. They will receive a your email with the link to the proposal. Once they click it you'll be notified and can start tracking how they are interacting with your proposal.

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