This article shows you how to easily collect payments from your customer directly inside your proposals as part of the acceptance process. This feature is powered by Stripe - a payment processing app. This feature can only be enabled/disabled by account "Owners" and is a global feature - meaning that once it is enabled, all team members in your account will be able to request payments within their proposals.

How Stripe Works

Stripe connects to your bank account and facilitates collecting payments on your behalf so you can easily start charging your customers and get those payments deposited quickly into your bank account. Stripe enables multiple methods of payment (Credit, Debit, and ACH Payments) from your customers and deposits these funds into your bank, typically within a few days. 

What it Costs

Stripe does take a small fee for each payment, but this is common for any payment processing company. See Stripe's pricing in more detail here

  • Credit & Debit card payments - When your customer pays with a credit or debit card, Stripe will charge you a fee of 2.9% + 30cents. So, if you charge your customer $100, Stripe will take $3.20, and deposit $96.80 into your bank account. 

  • ACH Transactions (Coming Soon) - If you have enabled ACH payments and your customer decides to pay with this ACH method, Stripe will charge .8% up to a cap of $5. So for a $100 ACH transaction, Stripe would take $.80 cents and deposit $99.20 into your bank account.

Enabling Stripe

In Settings > Addons, you will see "Stripe" under the Payments section. Click "Connect" to get started. You will be taken to a Stripe page where you can either sign-in to your existing Stripe account, or signup for a new Stripe account. 

I Already Have a Stripe Account for My Business: If you already have a stripe account, you can simply click "Sign In" to connect to your existing Stripe account.

I've never created a Stripe Account: If you don't yet have a Stripe account, don't worry! You'll just need to fill out the stripe account setup form where you'll be asked basic questions about your business. Then, Stripe will typically approve your new account immediately. Once you have an approved account, and you're connected to the Stripe Addon in Proposable, you can begin requesting payments from your customers within your proposals.

Stripe Settings in Proposable:

Credit Card Field Requirements: by default, this is set to not require an address or zip code from the payer which is the simplest configuration and quickest for your customer. You can turn the zip code or address requirement if needed.

Enable ACH Transactions: (Still In Development, but coming soon) By default, the ACH option (Bank Transfers) for your proposal payments is disabled. If you choose to enable the ACH payment option, you should be aware that Stripe will often limit new accounts to a $2000 per-transaction limit until they have more payment history from your account. You may contact Stripe support to get this ACH limit removed quicker. See more details on ACH payments and related costs here and details about the ACH limit here.

The Payment Workflow in Proposable

Once you are connected to Stripe, you can begin collecting payments in each proposal you deliver. The first step is to enable a payment as you deliver a proposal.

Enable a Proposal Payment

To request a payment, simply tun on "Collect Payment" on the Deliver step of your proposal. Once enabled, you will have the option to base the payment on your Estimate(s) total or charge a custom amount. If you want to turn on a payment for an already delivered proposal, you can do that too by simply going to the new "Payments" tab within your proposal details and enabling it there.

The Payment Workflow

The payment workflow is seamless - Once your customer has completed the acceptance actions, they will immediately be asked to submit the payment to complete the proposal.

Payment Notifications

Once a payment is made, a new email notification will be sent to you, the proposal owner to let you know. This email will link back to the proposal as well as provide a direct link to the actual payment in Stripe.

Proposal Payment Tab

The payment tab is where you can manage and view the payment configuration for any proposal. In this tab, you will see the status of the payment, the amount requested, and the transaction history related to the proposal.

Q & A

Can I turn a payment on after I've already delivered my proposal? Yes! you can enable or disable the payment step any time. Also, you can adjust the payment amount at any time as well. This gives you the flexibility to adapt to different scenarios where the payment amount might change during your sales discussion, or where you end up not needing to charge your prospect after all. To do this, simply click into the proposal and go to the "Payments" tab. There you will be able to enable, disable, or adjust the requested payment.

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