Estimates are used to communicate the pricing of your products and services to your prospect. You can use one or multiple estimate blocks within the same proposal to organize your pricing into different sections.

For example, you might want to have an estimate block that shows the products you are proposing, and add another estimate block to show the optional "Services" that your prospect can buy along with your products.

Add An Estimate Block to a proposal page

You can easily add an estimate block to your proposal page by simply dragging it over fomr the "blocks" sidebar.

What Are Line Items?

Line items are the building blocks of your estimates.

Here are the basic components of Line-Items:

  • Title – This is the name of your Line-Item, i.e. “Labor

  • Cost – This is the price or dollar amount for your product or service, i.e. “$100.00

  • Unit – This is what you will measure your Line-Item with. You can use whichever unit of measure you wish to apply based on your service, i.e. “Per Hour“, /mo, /hr, /box, one-time, etc.

  • Quantity – This is the numeric quantity amount that can be adjusted by you (or the customer if Optional Quantities is enabled, i.e. “80

  • Type - This is where you specify how you charge for this item, either "Fixed", or "Recurring: Monthly, Annually, Quarterly, etc."

  • Description – The description is optional, but allows you to add more detail about your product or service, i.e. “We will install the widgets of which are green and will last you 40 years.

Adding line Items items to estimates

  1. You can add a new "Blank" Line Item: This option will simply add a new blank line item to your estimate that you can start filling out.

  2. Or, you can import a saved line item from your library by clicking the "Library" option: This will open up a search window where you can search to find the line item(s) you are wanting to insert into your estimate.

Saving Line Items in your Library

To save line items into your library, navigate to the "Library" tab, then click on the "Line Items" sidebar. You can then add and organize the line items that you often use here for quick insertion into future proposals.

You can also bulk upload line items using a CSV file to speed up this process of adding your products and services into the library. We suggest using our line-item CSV template that's included.

Make Line Items "Optional"

You can specify if your line items are “optional” within your estimate. Use optional items to creatively upsell your prospects and/or give them a “menu” of product options to choose from.

Make Quantities Optional:

You can also specify if your line item should have an adjustable quantity, which would enable your prospect to choose the quantity that they want. Use this feature to suggest a quantity, while giving your prospects the opportunity to adjust to their desired quantity before accepting. Power to the people!

Enable "Radio Button Mode" to force a single line item selection

There are cases where you might want to force your prospect to choose only one line item, like when you are offering multiple "levels" of service and want your prospect to select their chosen level.

You can enable "Radio Button Mode" in any estimate block by going the Settings (gear icon) and changing the radio button mode toggle switch to "On" and re-saving your estimate. You will now see that each line item is in a single radio button list and that only one item is able to be selected.

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