1. Connect to CPA Charge

Go to Settings > Addons and click "Connect" on the CPA charge payments integration.

You might be asked to login to your Affinipay/CPA Charge account at this point. Then, you will be taken to the Affinipay authorization screen. Click "Authorize"

Once authorized, you should see the Proposable window that asks you to select the payment merchant account you'd like to use to process payments from customers. Select the chosen account and click "Save Configuration".

Once saved, you should see that CPA Charge now shows as "Connected. You are now ready to accept your first payment!

2. Enable "Collect Payment" within any new Proposal

From the deliver step of any proposal draft, you can turn on the "Collect Payment" toggle switch. You can then select the requested payment amount based on an existing estimate total, or by selecting "Custom Total" and typing in the requested payment amount.

3. Your customer is asked to pay

Once your customer accepts your proposal, they will immediately be asked to pay the requested amount. They add their credit/debit card info and submit.

4. Payment receipt/invoice will appear

Once your customer pays, a payment receipt will show at the bottom of the proposal.

5. Payment receipt notification is sent out.

Both you and your customer will receive an email receipt for the successful payment.


Can I update the requested payment amount after my proposal is delivered?

Yes, you can update the requested payment at any time before the proposal is accepted by clicking on the "Payments" tab within the proposal details view. from here, you can adjust the requested payment amount and disable or re-enable the payment. Don't forget to click "Save" after updating your requested payment.

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