Netsuite Configuration Guide

To integrate Netsuite with Proposable, you will need the following components:

  1. Account ID

  2. Consumer Key

  3. Consumer Secret

  4. Token ID

  5. Token Secret

Retrieving your Account ID

To retrieve your account ID go to Setup -> Integrations -> Web Services Preferences. Your Account ID will be displayed directly beneath Primary Information

Creating your Consumer Key and Secret

To create your consumer key and secret go to Setup -> Integration -> Integration Management -> Manage Integrations -> New, or simply search "page: integrations" and select new.

Enter a name for your new Integration and under Authentication deselect "User Credentials" and select "Token-Based Authentication"

After saving your integration, Netsuite will provide the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Note: this will be the only time it is displayed.

Creating a Role

Next, before creating your Token ID and Token Secret, first create a role with the correct permissions to access Token Authentication and assign it to a user. We recommend creating a new user for this purpose, otherwise you may encounter unexpected permission conflicts that are difficult to troubleshoot.

To create this role, search "page: manage roles" and click New Role. Enter the name of your new role (no other changes are required in the General and Authentication sections). At the bottom of the dialog, you'll set the following "Permissions".

For Transactions

  • Add the "Opportunity" permission (level full).

For Lists

  • Add the "Contacts" permission (level full).

  • Add the "Customers" permission (level full).

  • Add the "Notes Tab" permission (level full).

For Setup

  • Add the "Access Token Management" permission (level full).

  • Add the "CRM Lists" permission (level view)

  • add the "Log in using Access Tokens" permission (level full).

  • add the "Mobile Device Access" permission (level full).

  • add the "SuiteScript" permission (level full).

  • add the "User Access Tokens" persmission (level full).

  • add the "View Web Services Logs" permission (level full).

  • add the "Web Services" permission (level full)

Assign Role to User

With the role created, we need to assign it to a user. Again, we recommend creating a new user for this purpose. Once you have your user, navigate to the bottom of the user dialog and click the "Access" tab. Here, we will assign the role we just created to the user, under "Roles". Note: No global permissions are required, and if set, they may cause permission conflicts.

Create Token ID and Secret

Excellent, we can now create our Token ID and Secret for the Integration (Consumer Key and Secret), Role, and User created and configured above. To do this search "page: tokens" and select the name of the Integration we created above, select the user you've created for this integration, select the role we just configured, and provide a name for the token.

After saving, you will be provided with your Token ID and Secret. Note: this is the only time these values will be displayed.

At this stage, you now have your Account ID, Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Token ID, and Token Secret. You can use this to configure your Proposable integration in your account at Proposable -> Settings -> Addons. There you will find the NetSuite integration option.

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