The Proposable + Pipedrive integration simplifies your proposal creation workflow by letting you connect and send proposals to your Pipedrive contacts and deals. Once you've delivered a proposal, key events - like views, comments, and acceptance, are pushed back into the associated Pipedrive deal so you can see what's happening with your proposals from inside Pipedrive.

Connect To Pipedrive

To connect to Pipedrive, simply click "connect" on the Pipedrive integration located in Settings > Addons.

You might be asked to login to your Pipedrive account and allow this integration:

You should be redirected back to Proposable, where you can specify The Pipeline you want to connect to and what stage of that pipeline new deals should get pushed to:

And... your set! Your contacts and deals will be begin their initial sync and it can take some time depending on the volume of contacts in your account.

How it works

There are 2 ways you can connect and deliver a proposal to your Pipedrive contact: 

1. Deliver Directly to a Pipedrive Contact - This will create a new deal in Pipedrive once your proposal is delivered.

To send directly to a contact, simply search or browse for a contact on step 1. of a new proposal.

2. Connect to an existing Pipedrive deal and deliver a proposal - This will send a proposal to the contacts connected to the deal and update this existing deal as things happen.

What Gets Pushed Back to Pipedrive?
Once your recipient receives your proposal, Proposable starts pushing events back to the Deal, like "views", "Comments", "Downloads", and "Acceptance" for a complete timeline of what is happening with the Proposal.

Once the Proposal is accepted, the deal is automatically moved to "Won".

Connect Pipedrive Fields to Your Templates

You can connect Pipedrive fields directly to your proposal templates to dynamically pull in and populate your new proposals with customer/deal information. This can help speed up your proposal creation and easily populate your proposals with Pipedrive data.

Step 1. Connect Pipedrive Fields to your Template

Step 2. Insert connected fields into your template

Step 3. Create new Proposal Draft from this template 

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