This feature allows you to create a deeper integration with your Salesforce account by "mapping" Salesforce fields directly to your proposal templates as "Custom Merge Tags", then dynamically populating proposals with your salesforce data.

Template Setup

In this example, we'll map all the fields for the account's billing address, and the opportunity "Name". 

Place Mapped Fields

These mapped salesforce merge tags can then be placed throughout your template wherever you need it. In this case, we want to put the opportunity name on the Cover Page.

Create New Draft from Mapped Template

Then, as a new proposal draft is created from this mapped template, these custom merge tags will get replaced dynamically with the salesforce field data as you connect to an opportunity.

And Now, you have a proposal that was dynamically created from your salesforce opportunity data, saving you time and preventing double-entry of the data that you already have living inside Salesforce.

If you're interested in learning more about this feature, please book a demo here:

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