By connecting your Proposable account to Salesforce CRM you will be able to sync your contacts and deliver professional interactive sales proposals to all your clients and prospects. Depending on your workflow, you can set the integration to automatically create new opportunities for proposals sent to Salesforce contacts, or you can choose to connect and push back into existing opportunities. Proposable will add the proposal link, proposal comments, PDF download and digital acceptance receipt back into the Salesforce opportunity record as these events happen.

Main Features:

  • Sync contacts and opportunity information to your Proposable account

  • Deliver new proposals to Salesforce contacts & opportunities

  • Push back events such as Proposal Views, Opens, Acceptance, downloads, and Comments back to the related Salesforce opportunity

  • Keep the the opportunity value in Salesforce synced to your proposal estimate grand total.

  • Create a direct link to the actual delivered proposal in Salesforce

Overview Video:

Add a "New Proposal" trigger button directly inside Salesforce Opportunities (Advanced Setup)

This will add new new button to the default “Opportunity” view, next to “Edit”, “Delete”, “Clone”, and any other custom buttons you’ve added. Clicking the button will open a new window which will automatically open Proposable to the “new proposal” workflow with this opportunity selected, allowing users to then select which contacts, they'd like to add as recipient(s) for this proposal delivery.

Note: If no contacts are assigned to the SalesForce opportunity, all opportunities will be listed.”

Steps to Create Custom "New Proposal" button inside Salesforce

  • Click “Setup” in main top menu

  • Locate “Build” header in main left menu

  • Click “Opportunities” under the “Build” Header

  • Click “Buttons, Links, and Actions” in the Opportunity sub-menu

  • In the “custom button or link edit” form, fill out the “Label”, “Name”, and “Description” fields however you like.

  • For “Display Type”, choose the “Detail Page Button” option.

  • For “Behavior”, choose “Display in new window”

  • For “Content Source” choose “URL”

  • Save the button.

  • In the main left menu, under the “Build” header, “Opportunity” sub-menu, click “Page Layouts”

  • In the “Page Layouts” index, click “Edit” on “Opportunity Layout”

  • At the top of the “Opportunity Layout” interface, you will see a list of available layout objects. Select “Buttons”

  • After selecting “Buttons” you will find your newly created button (saved on step 10) available.

  • Drag the new button to the “Opportunity Detail” portion of the page in the “Custom Buttons” section next to the “Standard Buttons display”

  • Click “Save”

  • This will add your new button to the default “Opportunity” edit view, next to “Edit”, “Delete”, “Clone”, and any other custom buttons you’ve added.

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