The library lets you create and share templated content with your team in order to speed up the proposal creation process and keep your proposals consistent across your entire business. You can create folders in your library to segment your content and make easier access for your team.

The Library consists of 3 areas:

  • Templates: These can be single page documents or can contain unlimited sections. Templates are typically made up of all your standard proposal sections that won't change much, like the cover page, or terms and conditions. 

  • Sections: Your templates are made up from Sections which can be easily inserted into templates or Drafts. Having various sections available to you makes it easier to build new Proposals quickly as you can save multiple versions of the same section for various use cases (For example you might have a pricing section for Industry A, and another version of your pricing section for Industry B).

  • Line-Items: The line-items are your products and services that you include in your proposal Estimate. Simply give your line-item a Title, Description, Unit of measure (/hour, /month, Each, One-Time, etc.) base Cost and Thumbnail (optional).

Each has similar capabilities such as:

Folder Creation or Organizing Content

Sharing with other team members or groups

Duplicating content easily

Deleting or editing content

Library Overview Video

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