Line-Items are used to represent your products and services and to show them in estimate/quote format within your proposals. Line Items can be created "on-the-fly" inside your proposals, or saved to your library and "imported" to your proposals. 

Here are the basic components of Line-Items:

  • Title – This is the name of your Line-Item, i.e. “Labor

  • Cost – This is the price or dollar amount for your product or service, i.e. “$100.00

  • Unit – This is what you will measure your Line-Item with. You can use whichever unit of measure you wish to apply based on your service, i.e. “Per Hour“, /mo, /hr, /box, one-time, etc.

  • Quantity – This is the numeric quantity amount that can be adjusted by you (or the customer if Optional Quantities is enabled, i.e. “80

  • Type - This is where you specify how you charge for this item, either "Fixed", or "Recurring: Monthly, Annually, Quarterly, etc." 

  • Description – The description is optional, but allows you to add more detail about your product or service, i.e. “We will install the widgets of which are green and will last you 40 years.

Example Line-Item:

Learn about Optional Line Items and Optional Quantities

Creating and Saving Your Line-Items in your Library:

We encourage you to create all of your Line Items and organize them using folders. This can be done by clicking on the +Folder button.

You can Bulk Import Your Line items to save time

You can also bulk import your line items using a CSV file to speed things up if you have lots of line items you need to bring in. Simply click the "Import Line Items" button to see instructions and to download a CSV template.

Using Line-Items In Your Proposals:

To use line items in your proposals, you first need to add an "estimate" block to one of your proposal sections. You can have as many Line-items in your Estimate as you need. The estimate will auto-calculate each Line-Item and provide a Grand Total.

Once you've added an estimate to your desired section, you can now create new line items or import your line-items from your Library. Click on the "Library" button to bring up the Library where you can choose your Line-items:

Add a discount and/or tax to your line items

If you you need to add a discount or tax directly to your line item, simply click that "Add Tax" or "Add Discount" button under the line item while editing your estimate.

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