Merge Tags let you to automatically customize your new proposals with content such as your customer name, company, email and more to speed up the time it usually takes to customize and deliver a new proposal. By using merge tags in your proposal templates, you can create and deliver new proposals up to 10X faster that the traditional method of
"find and replace".

Adding Merge Tags to a Template

You can access and see a full list of the available merge tags by clicking the "merge tags" icon in any "text and images" element.

Can I Create "Custom Merge Tags"?

Yes, custom merge tags can be created in each of your templates and are useful when you always need to add certain details to your proposals. For example, a travel company might want to always include the "Group Size" or "Travel Destination" in their travel proposals. 

Create Custom Merge tags in a Template

Insert Custom Merge Tags into Your Template

Your Custom Merge Tags are now "Required Fields" whenever a new proposal is created from your template

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