One advantage of using Online Proposal Software like Proposable is that you can make updates to your proposal any time you want - even after you've delivered the proposal - and those changes are automatically visible to your recipients. This gives you lots of flexibility in your sales process. During negotiations, you might need to update the pricing, or add or remove proposal sections before your recipient is ready to accept. Or, you might want to wait to add the "Signature" page until you've come to an agreement with your prospect.

Updating your already-delivered proposal is easy. Start by locating your proposal in the In Progress area of Proposable. NOTE: Using the search at the top right can be helpful. Click on the title of the proposal in question. This will bring you to the Analytics area of the proposal.

At the top right, click on the large View/Edit button. This will bring you to the Edit Mode of the In Progress proposal. Editing the proposal is exactly the same way when creating and delivering a proposal. Any changes made will be recorded in the Sections tab below the analytics:

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