If you’re in need of some fancy fonts and creativity in your proposals you are in luck. Under Settings > Proposal Settings > Design, you’ll find some options to set custom fonts. This functionality leverages Google Fonts which consists of 700+ fonts.

This functionality is a global setting that an account owner can set of which all proposals and users will inherit. Keep in mind that if you make a change to the fonts, all of your proposals will be affected; even proposals that have already been delivered (In Progress).

It is also designed to keep your brand consistent without all the cheesy fonts such as Comic Sans. You can specify both your Headers (H1, H2, H3, etc.) and the body of your proposals. The font settings will give you a preview and also allow you to choose or specify a color using the Hex code.

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Common Font Questions

Q. I set my fonts, but they aren’t the correct ones displaying once I hit save.

A. If you copied and pasted text from another source (Word or an online source like your Website), you can have some unusual behavior with the copied text. It also may affect your output to PDF.

Unusual behavior consists of:

  • Unwanted characters

  • Fonts show up incorrectly or different from the ones selected

  • Different formatting such as extra spacing or larger unknown font styles

  • Different bullets for bulleted items

To resolve this issue, in edit mode, highlight the the text pasted from another source. Next, click on the format removal button at the top of the editor:

Here’s an example of how to remove the unwanted formatting when you paste content into your proposal:

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