Branding is an important part of your business, and this is why we allow you to set a custom domain for your proposals

By default, your proposal domain is a semi-custom URL on your proposals like, "", 

If you'd like to fully customize your domain you can setup up your own unique custom proposal URL on your own domain that would display like "".

Step 1. Create a new Cname record for your proposal's subdomain (ex, in your Domain manager (DNS) and point that CName record to Normally, the "Host" field is the name of the subdomain you are wanting to create.

Step 2. After you've given your new subdomain time to "propagate" (It sometimes can take 24 hours for DNS changes to take affect), add your complete domain and hit the "test" button to make sure that your subdomain is working properly. If you get a success message, hit "Save Custom URL" button to finish the setup.

Note: If you get an error or warning when testing your domain, it could be that you didn't wait long enough for the new subdomain to take affect. Wait a bit longer, then try again. If you are still getting errors after this, email us at and we'll do our best to help get you set up.

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