Whether you are a small team or team of 100, Proposable allows you to share content, proposals and other valuable information. Not only can you collaborate with team members as your build and deliver proposals, but you can track all proposals and activity per team member to gain powerful insights into your team's sales performance.

Here’s how to invite other team members to Proposable:

  1. Start by logging into your Proposable account
  2. Go to Settings > Team
  3. Click on + New Team Member
  4. Fill out the appropriate information about your Team Member

NOTE: Be sure to set the correct role permissions to your new team member.

User Roles Explained

Sales User

Sales Users are limited in what they can see within their account. They can see and edit only the proposals they own and what has been shared with them in the library.


Manager Users can see & edit all proposals within the departments they are assigned to. Manager’s can also manage team member settings and proposal settings for the departments they belong to.

Account Owner

Account Owners have access to everything within the account. They can view, create and manage departments, team members, billing changes, design settings, etc.

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