Once a proposal gets accepted, you may want your prospect to take some action – whether to make a payment, fill out a form, or something else. Our acceptance Redirect feature allows you to redirect your prospect anywhere you want them to go immediately after they have “accepted” your proposal.


  1. Redirect prospect to a payment page with estimate total pre-populated in the payment form.

  2. Redirect prospect to a google form to collect necessary information to get them set up.

  3. Redirect prospect to a thank-you page that explains what the next-steps for them are.

This feature is enabled in Settings > Proposal Settings > Acceptance Settings

Once enabled, the redirect is setup at the Template level, and any proposals that are created from a template will adopt it’s redirect settings.

Once you turn on acceptance redirect on a template, you’ll have the option to not only take your prospect to the URL or your choice, but you can also “pass along” data about that prospect inside the URL that can be used on that page that you are redirecting them to. Using this extra data will require a developer who understand how to parse a URL to pull out this data and use it.

When the redirect URL includes proposal data as in the example above, it will be in the form and a copy of the URL format can be copied from the bottom of the redirect URL options and will be in the form:


Once the Acceptance Redirect is set, your recipient will be redirected to the set landing page immediately after they finish their acceptance actions.

*Note: Acceptance Redirect feature is only available on Enterprise Plan.

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