Communicating well with your team members and your prospects is vital to any successful proposal. We've made it simple for you to have a running conversation inside each proposal with your team members as well as with your proposal recipients. You can add both Public Replies, that are seen by proposal recipients and team members, and Internal Notes, which can only be seen by your team members who are logged-in to Proposable, for a complete conversation history inside each proposal.

Public RepliesĀ 

Adding a Reply to your proposal adds a public comment that is visible to all your recipients and team members. When you add a reply, all recipients and added team members will receive an email notification, letting them know about the new proposal reply.

Internal Notes

Adding an Internal Note to a proposal adds a private note to your proposal. Internal notes are useful when you need to mention a team member to ask a question, or to add a personal note for your own reference. Internal notes are private and are only visible to you and your team members. Your recipients can't see these comments.

Conversation Example

Proposal gets delivered and recipient adds a reply:

Sender makes an adjustment and adds an internal note for a team member

Team member is notified and responds to note

Sender lets recipient Know that pricing has been updated

Recipient accepts the updated proposal

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