Proposals that never get a definitive “Accept” or “Decline” action taken, will typically stay active and in your In-Progress area until you manually move them. It can be cumbersome to go back through all your old proposals to move the stale ones to the “archived” folder or trash. We’ve solved this chore by letting you set proposals to auto-expire after your chosen interval. These expired proposals automatically get filed away into your “archived” folder for quick access in the future and help keep your proposal history uncluttered.

Set your proposals to automatically expire.

Send out an auto “Nudge” message to stay in front of your prospect before the proposal expires.

Your prospects are busy people and we know that your delivered proposal can sometimes slip through the cracks and you need to get it in front of them again so you can get them to make a decision either to accept or decline your offer. Now you can easily set a nudge message to automatically go out to your prospect when they haven’t taken any action on your proposal. Sit back and automate your follow up with our “Nudge” feature.

Can I "Restore" a proposal that has been expired? Yes!

If your proposal has expired, your recipient won't have access to it unless you "restore" it. Restoring a proposal will once again make it accessible to your recipients via their proposal URL. 

Once a proposal is restored, it won't expire again until a manual action is taken to change the proposal state either by you (the sender) to archive or trash the proposal, or by your recipient to accept or decline it.

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